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 in response to Kitty Kat 22401...   

Congrats on getting yourself and your son out of that situation.  Check out Soulight's page for dental resources, and click on Save Money/Make Money link in my profile to learn about my company's discount dental plan.  Best wishes, Rosie

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My husband is 24 and over the last couple of years i have seen the health of my husbands teeth deteriorate. he's had many nights of pain, we finally had the money to see a dentist, and he referred us to a surgeon, the surgeon sd that he has an impacted tooth, or teeth, all i could understand was that the impacted tooth had been pushing his other teeth together causing the problems, he ended up w/ an infection in his gums and has had to have several teeth removed, now he says there are very small cysts around the impacted tooth, so they need to remove all the top teeth that are beyond repair, which is all of them and several of his bottom teeth, he will need dentures, the problem is that w/ the extractions, ambulatory costs, anesthesia and dentures, it will come out to about $11,000, we just don't have that kind of money, what can we do. .... please help

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I'm currently working in customer service And I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis but I have a really hard time smiling because of my teeth and the condition they are in. I'm 29 year old female and was in an abusive relationship for a few years where my partner knocked out 2 of my front teeth and I'm very insecure about my appearance now. I also have a lot of other dental work that needs to be done but I was hopeing I could find some kind of help to get some dentures.. I'm low income and have no means of insurance so could someone please direct me in the right direction on getting some help in this problem of mine 

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For Nancy McGuire :

As I said on my other dental pages , please make your own separate page if you want to advertise your business.

Thank you


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I am a single mother of two girls. Growing up my mother did not have insurance on us 4 children and therefore now I have much pain and a couple missing teeth that I would like to have fixed because I believe it has put an impact on my appearence and ability to find a better job or smile much. My older daughter whom is 6 asks me more often than I'd ever think, "Mommy, why are you missing teeth? Will they grow back like my tooth did that fell out?" It just makes me cry that I can not afford insurance to have it corrected. I'm affraid I am going to end up as a Mid 30's mother will no teeth. Does anyone have any ideas or links they might know of where I can get some help from??

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 in response to crystal9...   

Hi Crystal 9

It also depends on if you would want to make payments or not. AmeriPlan and the Careplan listed at the top of my page both would require a payment plan . You could also ask the orthodontist if they take payments. Also if the braces would be cosmetic rather than for medical correction , it might be hard to get them as a low-cost option.


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 in response to crystal9...   

You can get big discounts on braces by joining AmeriPlan.  Check my site for more info and for providers in your area:  Best wishes, Rosie

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Does anyone have info on low cost ortho braces for adults in illinois

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WisconsinMom ,

 It is my pleasure.

God Bless you both !


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Soulight, thank you so much for that link to free and low cost dental assistance!  I have forwarded it on to Jenna who said she will start making calls tomorrow.  I don't know who is more excited....Jenna or me!  Thank you!

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