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I am retired, receiving $1,000/mo pension and have no insurance. I have rotten and missing teeth. It's getting harder and harder for me to eat. My smile is not merely ugly; It's downright gross! I'm tired of watching peoples' smiles fade when I smile, ya know?....And I'm kinda lonely....

How can I get me a set of dentures?
I live in Fort Worth, TX.

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jazzy mac
 in response to getfreedental...   yes i am still looking for free dental service i live in chicago il. i am a single parent of 4 with very little money to cover any dental cost seeking help....God Bless you
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Jane ... curious to know if you found any nearby clinics. I recently found a bunch in your area. Let me know if you are still looking and I will do what I can to help. Take care and God Bless!
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Hello all, Saw of the links higher on this page for clinical trials/research. If you're in the Birmingham area then please check out Achieve Clinical Research.

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Thank you. What an angel you are.
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 in response to Mrshopeless...   

Hello and see if this helps you with dental work. I need it myself too.


Are you getting some state assistance in Washington?

If not see here,

Good luck to you


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seeking help.Im 32 years old and a mom of 2 boys,I have a decay tooth and needs to be extract but I have no source of income and only my husband work and has a low work here in states is so expensive and I can't afford to have it,I lost my confedent to face people and I lost confedent to apply for a job,and if you have a good heart will you help me to fine someone a dentist that has a low service fee or a free dental work please....thanks.
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I need help finding a program for my mother in law. She is 74 and on Medicare. She needs dentures. She does not have any teeth and has worked hard supporting 4 children by herself. Why is there not more programs out there?
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seeking help

my husband has a genetic tooth decay decease since he was a child but could not operate... now a an adult his teeth chip off and break. they are very brittle he's in a lot of pain but we have no insurance and we struggle too get by week by week he is also get a lot of migraines, just wondering if his teeth is the cause of them

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 in response to goinincircles...   

Hi goinincircles,

Very well states ... unfortunately, there are many in similar situations.  I will see what I can do for you.  I heard of a traveling dentist but I need to do more research.

Take care and God Bless!

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 in response to goinincircles...   

Hi goinincircles

Your story is the story of so many of us who are caught in the trap of being disabled through no fault of our own . To make it worse , we get kicked while we are down by the lack of help medically and finacially for the disabled in our country. I am so sorry that you are stuck like so many of us are. I am just getting back to Aidpages after a long ongoing illness . I hope to update all the pages , probably starting with the dental pages. If I find something in your area , I will let you know as soon as I can. 

Please know that I care. You will be in my prayers.


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This looks likely to help in some areas:

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I live in South Central Kansas. In my town they have a clinic for low income people to get dental care, but they're not taking new patients. If you are in pain, you can go in as a walk-in, but they only give you a 15 min window to get signed in.  I've been there, way ahead of time, 9 times in the past 3 weeks and still haven't seen a dentist.  The people for walk-in have to wait until people with appointments get checked in, and by them the 15 min window has closed and they turn you away.  I have heart diease and diabetis, which my bad teeth aren't helping. I use numbing OTC pain medication everyday several times a day and have for several months. I'm 61 and get SSDI and SSI and have Medicare and Medicaid, but neither pays for dental care for people my age and with only $694.00 a month income, by the time I pay my rent and heating bill, and my co-pay on my medications (which I take a lot of) and my co-pay on my Dr. visits and get my non-food items I need, I just don't have enough to go to a regular dentist.  My income isn't enough for me to afford payments, and Kansas has NO Schools for Dentist. The closest one is in Mo and that's over 250 miles from where I live. I have NO credit cards, cause I couldn't make the payments if they approved me, which they won't cause my income is too low. I took good care of my teeth all my life. I ate healthy, brushed and flossed and saw a dentist twice a yr while I was working.  I became disabled in 1997 and my income dropped dramatically, and as time passed the more medications I was put on, my teeth started going bad.  I have one missing tooth, loose teeth, painful teeth, rotten teeth.  I've never used illegal drugs, just medications prescribed to keep me alive. Medicaid and Medicare paid to remove cataracts from my eyes, and for glasses, but I don't understand why they won't pay for my teeth to be pulled when the infections are causing more damage to my heart, than any other health proble could.  If anyone knows of any help for people like me in my area, please let me know, as I've tried the links and find help in a bunch of states, but not in Kansas.  I'd moved to get help, but I can't afford that either.  If I could afford to move, I could afford a dentist.

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Does anyone know where I could get low cost braces for children and adults in Columbia, South Carolina???

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I am in a similar situation with my teeth and circumstances. I spent a good part of the nineties addicted to meth. My now ex-husband and I became addicted together and breaking up and moving away in 2001 was my first step in a long process that I still haven't recovered from. I was in the process of having my teeth removed for dentures over a year ago. After starting the process I lost my Medicaid and shortly after my Metlife insurance. I have since reinstated my Medcaid, which won't pay for dentures. To recieve this help am I required to go to job search program 36hrs wk, and be actively looking for employment. I would love a job more than air right now, but I have one tooth left right top middle of what used to be a great smile. I have spent the last year trying to get dentures and go on with my life, but I can't make money to pay for them and some of the resources i have found want you to be employed, or abused. While I was mentally abused and stayed home with my 4 daughters for the last fifteen years, ultimately it was the meth that took my smile. I am still looking for resources to help with dentures, but having very little sucess. My kids age from 10 to 20 and they need more from me everyday. My teeth stop me from making any contact with the rest of the world. Teachers, other parents, as well as employers. This will continue to be a growing problem as meth becomes more widespread and the resources are needed to rebuild lives after meth.Too bad I can't find a way to use my experiece to help stop others headed in the same direction, and generate ways to gets my teeth back! Until then I guess we all have to deal with the choices we have made. Any ideas or resources would be helpful. tammy

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 in response to Kitty Kat 22401...   

Kitty Kat

I am sorry that you already contacted this org. and they didn't help It was a long shot.

I will see what else I can find in Florida . No one should have to suffer from the challenges of having  the pain and humiliation of dental problems. Dental assistance is a HUGE problem in this country. 

I will keep you in my prayers ,and I hope that I can find something that is not already listed on my dental pages. You never know because new programs are opening up  all the time. I wlll do what I can.




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 in response to Kitty Kat 22401...   

Hi Kitty Kat

There is a program for people who have survived domestic abuse that might help you . You would have to prove that part of your dental problem is from the abuse and NOT the meth. I hope this helps !



Link to the program :




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 in response to Kitty Kat 22401...   

Congrats on getting yourself and your son out of that situation.  Check out Soulight's page for dental resources, and click on Save Money/Make Money link in my profile to learn about my company's discount dental plan.  Best wishes, Rosie

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My husband is 24 and over the last couple of years i have seen the health of my husbands teeth deteriorate. he's had many nights of pain, we finally had the money to see a dentist, and he referred us to a surgeon, the surgeon sd that he has an impacted tooth, or teeth, all i could understand was that the impacted tooth had been pushing his other teeth together causing the problems, he ended up w/ an infection in his gums and has had to have several teeth removed, now he says there are very small cysts around the impacted tooth, so they need to remove all the top teeth that are beyond repair, which is all of them and several of his bottom teeth, he will need dentures, the problem is that w/ the extractions, ambulatory costs, anesthesia and dentures, it will come out to about $11,000, we just don't have that kind of money, what can we do. .... please help

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I'm currently working in customer service And I deal with a lot of people on a daily basis but I have a really hard time smiling because of my teeth and the condition they are in. I'm 29 year old female and was in an abusive relationship for a few years where my partner knocked out 2 of my front teeth and I'm very insecure about my appearance now. I also have a lot of other dental work that needs to be done but I was hopeing I could find some kind of help to get some dentures.. I'm low income and have no means of insurance so could someone please direct me in the right direction on getting some help in this problem of mine 

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